FKG – Cairns Aquarium

Fkg Cairns Aquarium
Project Overview

FKG – Cairns Aquarium, Cairns

Due to the constraints of the construction site neighboring a residential apartment complex, our customer came to us for help when they discovered they could not build traditional ground up scaffolding from the neighboring property.

The Benchmark design and engineering team came up with a cleaver solutions which involved building several support scaffolding bays on the roof of the aquarium and cantilevered a structural universal beam over the edge of the property to create a monorail system. Once the monorial was installed and certified, Benchmark installed a 12m swing stage scaffold which allowed our client to access the full externals of the building without impacting the neighboring property.

Not only did this solution solve our customers problems, it also saved them tens of thousands of dollars and reduced the build time by 4 days. Only 3.2 tonnes of scaffolding was required compared to 41 tonnes if the scaffolding had of been built from the group up.

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Fkg Cairns Aquarium 2
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