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Over many years in the industry working with some of the worlds major contractors, we continue to refine our process so ensure the success of any project no matter the size or complexity.

We understand that all projects are measured by one of three critical drivers: TIME, COST or SAFETY. Many people believe that all three are equally important but when you really dig deep into what you are trying to achieve there will always be one that is most important.

We work with you to identify which is most important to you and your project and then we align our goals with your goals to develop the most effective outcome.

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If TIME is most important to you and you have a tight schedule, we can use a combination of technology and experience to design the fastest and most effective way to install your scaffolding and have your team working as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean that we have to take shortcuts or build the scaffolding in an unsafe manner, it is actually quite the opposite. We use technique such as building the scaffolding away from the work area and lifting into position via cranes, or making the scaffolding mobile so it can quickly moved from one location to the next.

This is most effective on mines and refinery shutdown where the cost of the scaffolding is insignificant in comparison to the cost of the shutdown and not having the plant in production. We have saved our customers millions of dollars by designing the scaffolding so it can be installed and removed quickly and efficiently allowing them to reduce their shutdown periods.

If your budget is tight and you need to save COSTS and scaffolding needs to be as cheap as possible we design the final product using the least amount of scaffolding equipment as possible without sacrificing the safety of our team or yours or finding innovative ways to build the scaffolding as quickly as possible. Less scaffolding equipment mean less transport (cost savings), less labour (cost savings), less scaffold hire (cost savings) less downtime on site (cost saving).

As great example of ways to save costs is rather than building scaffolding from the ground up to access an area, the scaffolding can be suspended from the top down or cantilevered from another platform, or craned into position.

Our client came to us with the challenge to find the cheapest way to provide scaffolding to install a strengthening ring 8.0m above the suspended platform. It was made clear to us that the cheapest price will win the job.

Our competitors quoted to build the scaffolding from the ground up to 42m which would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take weeks to install. Our team designed the scaffolding to be built at ground level and lifted into position via crane. The entire project was installed in 8 hours from start to finish and cost a fraction of our competitors price and was a much more effective outcome for our clients.

Safety is always critical to any task but in some instance, it becomes the number one priority over all other critical drivers. Situations such as extreme heights, working around live plant and public are a few examples of when safety is more important than ever. This is where our team really shines.

Using our industry leading scaffolding design software, our team will create lifelike 3D models of the work area and design the scaffolding to suit the task. Now this process is not special and we do this for every task regardless of the complexity or risk but what we do next is the game changer. Our designers create step by step 3D animations from start to finish showing the sequence of the installation and dismantle so we can work through the risk with our customers and our installation team to ensure we clearly and effective identify all the hazards and implement effective controls. This is where our customers get to assess our processes and identify and issues and control them before mobilizing to site. Most importantly, this process allows the installation team to be trained and competent and have a full understand of the task before commencing.

A good example of this process being successfully implemented in on the Mission River Bridge in Weipa. Rio Tinto had previously terminated the contracts of two other contractors who had tried to install the scaffolding to the underside of the bridge due to a range of different reasons including repeated safety incidents. Rio Tinto labelled this project the highest risk project in Australia and it attracted the attention of their highest-ranking safety professional in the country. Being able to present a 3D animation to Rio Tinto provided them with the confidence and information needed to allow the project to restart.

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