Why We do it

Because you deserve to come home safely everyday

In most instances, scaffolding for you is a means to an end. It is temporary infrastructure needed to assess something to either build it or repair it. Its success is measured by how it facilitates your work, and how easily YOU can get your job completed.

As scaffolders, we understand that it is our job to do the high risk work so that others can do their job safely and effectively. Our commitment to your team and to ours is SAFETY FIRST, SECOND NATURE. We wear this badge proudly on our uniform as a display of commitment to our safety first, second nature principles. By displaying this for everyone to see, we are making a promise to ourselves, our customer and other contractors that we will do everything we can to make sure they come home to their families safely at the end of each shift.

In recent time we have seen an increase in news stories and articles in newspapers about scaffold collapses and people falling while working on scaffolding. There are too many injuries and deaths in the workplace regardless of the trade and no one goes to work to get hurt (or worse).

We all have someone who loves us and needs us in their lives, so taking unnecessary risks while trying to provide for yourself or your families is a risk that no one needs to take.

Reducing risk for client, for contractors and for workers, is one of the fundamental pillars of our business and we are constantly educating, upskilling and searching for new ways to solve old problems. There is no doubt that out business model is designed to reduce risk to the budget, risk to the schedule but most importantly, it is designed to reduce risk to the workers. There is no task or project worthy of taking the life of a human being.

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