Wilmar Sugar – Victoria Mill Stack

Wilmar Sugar Victoria Mill Stack 1
Project Overview

Wilmar Sugar International – Victoria Mill Stacks

Three 66m high chimney stacks tower above the Victoria Sugar Mill which services the North Queensland region of Ingham. Two of the stacks are constructed with steel and the other in concrete.

All three stacks have been fully scaffolded both internally and externally over a three-year period to extend the life of the structures. Being in a high-risk cyclone zone, the scaffolding was designed and engineered to withstand a category 4 cyclone without needing to dismantle and remove at short notice.

The scaffolding was used to carry out structural upgrades, reline the internal walls, blast and paint the external walls and repair concrete. The intelligent design and provisions for material handling solutions allowed the scaffolding to be installed in less time (reducing the schedule), using less labour (reducing the cost) and with less manual handling (reducing the risk of incidents)

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Wilmar Sugar Victoria Mill Stack 2
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