Skyrail – Kuranda Range

Skyrail Kuranda Range 1
Project Overview

Skyrail – Kuranda Range – Cairns

When our client realized they needed scaffolding to be installed in the middle of the Far North Queensland Rainforest in a world heritage listed National Park, they knew it was going to take some thinking outside the box.

Benchmark has built a reputation for completing the most complex and high-risk projects across the country, therefor were the perfect partner for this project.

The scaffolding installation was relatively straight forward, however getting the equipment to the build location was the challenge. There is no access by road and the rainforest canopy was too dense to deliver the equipment via helicopter. So together, the Benchmark design and engineering team and the Skyrail Engineers came up with the idea to suspend the scaffolding from cables on specially designed frames too transport the equipment 545m above sea level to the top of the range.

The outcome was so successful that the client decided to complete the same work again 12 months later.

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Skyrail Kuranda Range 2
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