Rio Tinto – Mission River Bridge

Rio Tinto Mission River Bridge 1
Project Overview

Queensland Rail – Mission River Bridge

Labeled by Rio Tinto as their highest risk project in Australia, the Mission River Bridge project sure has its challenges.

Working over water, crocodiles, extreme heat, cranes and lifting, suspended scaffolding, working in the rail corridor and marine moorings are just some of the risk associated with this project. The scaffolding is fully suspended across the length of the bridge to provide access to the underside of the road and rail structures.

Benchmark were the third scaffolding crew to work on this project as the previous crews were not able to satisfy the strict safety requirements implemented by Rio Tinto. The use of 3d modelling and visual animations were a critical component in demonstrating to Rio Tinto that all risks and hazards were considered, and a safe and efficient installation process had been developed. This approach allows all parties to develop detailed risk assessments and ensure the safety of all workers.

The entire scaffolding was designed to be installed without the use of safety harnesses and could be completed from fully completed working platforms and behind engineered handrails.

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Rio Tinto Mission River Bridge 2
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