Minjar Gold – Pajingo Paste Thickener

Minjar Gold Pajingo Paste Thickener 1
Project Overview

Pajingo – Gold Mine – Paste Thickener

Circular scaffolding is normally very simple when using the Layher Scaffolding system but in more challenging when the floor of the thickener is on a 45-degree slope and is extremely slippery.

The challenge was to install the scaffolding quickly and efficiently during a shutdown period to allow a full refurbishment including blast and paint. The scaffolding needed to be designed to be self-supporting to stop it sliding down the slope.

The Benchmark Design and Engineering Team was not able to view the internal structure of the thickener until 12 hours before the scaffolding was scheduled to be installed as it was still in full use. Relying on drawings that were very old and had limited details, they designed 2 different scaffolding arrangements to reduce the risk of delays on site.

Having completed similar projects before the site team were well prepared and had developed a clear methodology to ensure the success of the task.

All work was completed on schedule, on budget and without incident.

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Minjar Gold Pajingo Paste Thickener 2
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