BMD – Bohle River Bridge

Bmd Bohle River Bridge 2
Project Overview

BMD – Bohle River Bridge Construction

Construction of heavy-duty platforms and shoring systems is where Benchmark really shines. The construction of bridge piles and headstocks required larger than normal load bearing capacities which are not possible with most scaffolding systems.

When designing and engineering scaffolding to support 160 tonnes of steel and concrete in a river bed where there is a serious risk of flash flooding, the Benchmark team never steer away from a challenge.

The scaffolding was designed to be supported from the concrete pier cap only to eliminate any risk of unstable ground and washout. The intelligent use of the Layher Scaffolding being cantilevered from the main structure allowed safe and efficient use without limiting the load bearing capacities.

The unmatched strength of the Benchmark scaffolding system results in less materials being used on site and a decrease in total hours to install and dismantle the system. This allows the schedule to be reduced which is extremely important when working in this type of environment.

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Bmd Bohle River Bridge
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