SMC Shutdown – Cranable Scaffold Roaster

Project Overview
  • Access scaffold built on the ground, craned into place to eliminate difficult work conditions,dropped objects and working at heights.

Shutdown and maintenance work is one of Benchmark Scaffolding’s specialties.The team prides itself on delivering the scope of works in the allocated outage window provided.Sometimes this can be very difficult witl1 limited time and space. It’s our job as the contrac­ tor to understand tl1at sl1utdown work can cost the client millions of dollars inlost revenue if everything is not delivered in the allotted time. Providing different options and using our experience with this line of work helps the Benchmark team deliver what is needed time and time again. With this shutdown project at SMC, we built the scaffold on the ground using cranable scaffold and then moved the scaffold around the worksite, saving considerable man hours. This not only reduced our bui d time, it also reduced difficult work conditions, and eliminated dropped objects and working at heights issues.

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