Lend Lease – ATC Attack Facilities

Project Overview
  • Our unique design saved ¾ of the scaffold gear others had designed
  • No gap policy – no gaps between scaffold & building

Using innovation to solve problems, reduce risks and save money has been one of Benchmark Scaffolding’s driving forces since day one. The air traffic control tower at the RAAF base in North Queensland showcased this point brilliantly.

Our unique design saved considerable time and resources on this project and blew our competition out of the water.

The Benchmark Scaffolding in-house design team created a hexagon base structure. This simple but effective change created a significant difference between our price and our competitors’ price.
The design allowed us to only use one-fifth of the scaffold gear compared to other quotes. This not only reduced our price, it also reduced resources, transportation, and safety issues.

This innovation and thinking laterally allows our team to provide safe and efficient outcomes for all complex projects.

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