Cairns Corporate Tower – Swing Stage

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Project Overview
  • Bent curved monorail to suit the profile of the building.
  • Installed swing stage on girder trolleys to eliminate relocations.

There is always a solution when you work with the Benchmark Scaffolding team. Our client contacted us because they couldn’t build traditional ground up scaffolding due to the close proximity of the neighboring properties.
The Benchmark Scaffolding design and engineering team decided to build several support scaffolding bays on the roof and cantilever a structural universal beam over the edge of the property to create a monorail system. The curved monorail was engineered to suit the profile of the building.
The team then installed a 12m swing stage scaffold which allowed our client to access the full external perimeter of the building without impacting any neighboring properties.
This solution reduced the build time by 4 days and reduced the scaffolding tonnage from 41 to 3.2

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